IEC61439 Motor Control Panels – significant demand growth

In place since 2009, IEC61439 is the European standard for low voltage switchgear isolation and enclosures.

IEC61439 demand grows

Since the expansion of Denca’s control panel facilities 3 years ago and the corresponding increase in our manufacturing team, we have seen an encouraging growth in orders as well as a notable change in demand for IEC61439 specification motor Control Panels – particularly to the standards under Form 4 which specifies:

Busbars, Functional Units and Terminals for external conductors must be physically separated from each other. Under ‘Form 4a’  a Functional Unit need not be separated from its own external conductor terminal. Under ‘Form4b’,  these two elements must be kept separate. 

The increasing need to adhere to standards and specifications sometimes seems endless. In this environment, building control panels for your own systems to appropriate standards is essential. They must deliver the performance you need and be reliable for years to come. However, it is important to avoid ‘over-specification’. This can lead to significant cost increase without a corresponding growth in value or performance. Consequently, it is essential that you get the right control panel for your needs.

The majority of the Form 4 Motor Control Panels supplied by Denca are bespoke with the steelwork design being individual to each customer’s requirements while maintaining compliance with the IEC 61439 standard. This approach is often the most appropriate but sometimes a modular system can deliver the best solution. In these cases, Denca often turns to enclosure and power distribution system specialists Rittal.

The benefits of a strong relationship

Denca and Rittal have worked on several oil and gas projects where the end client has set a demanding specification. We work together to offer the end customer a switchgear system that meets their particular and unique specifications. Denca has a long-standing connection with Rittal and consequently, we have considerable experience with their varied enclosure product range. Rittal has the capability to provide engineered switchgear solutions for busbar systems, drive panels and motor control centres and Denca assembles their IEC 61439 compliant platform, Ri4Power.

Based around the market leading TS8 enclosure range, Ri4Power is a modular switchgear system. The system has the flexibility to meet the requirements from high power projects to small control systems.  The modularity means you can achieve compliance without the time and expense associated with custom steelwork. In addition, the system brings increased flexibility and access to more options during the build phase.   As a result, it is ideal for many applications. 

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