Installation Insight – everything starts with Safety

Installation work is often challenging.

The key to installation success is planning and preparation. At the heart of everything is SAFETY.

Much of the business end of Denca’s work is when the installation team arrives at the customer site to turn the clients’ order into reality. 

Increasingly we find that the installation work has to fit around plant and equipment that is still operating and that there is less and less time allowed to carry out the installation.

More than ever, this means that the detail and the planning have to be correct before Denca’s teams of electricians, project engineers and project managers arrive on site to carry out the installation work.

Not only must the technical aspects of the project be correct, but the health and safety must also be fully planned both in detail and execution. Denca starts this process from the initial discussions side by side with the technical planning so that SAFETY for each job and project is “joined-up”. In this way, we ensure we select appropriately qualified staff who prepare all the necessary Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) before any installation work commences.

In addition, we make certain the client’s site rules and relevant legal and safety laws are fully understood and taken into account each step of the way.

Denca has proven and robust company Health and Safety policies. We hold OHSAS 18001, Safe Contractor with our operatives holding appropriate training certificates CCNSG/ CSCS Safety Passport/ COMPEX/ CG 2394-5/ PASMA/ Abrasive Wheels/ IPAF

Each Denca installation, large or small, delivers quality technical solutions safely to its clients.

A successful project is a project delivered
effectively, efficiently and safely

The value of the ‘right’ partner

Traditionally, many companies, particularly larger manufacturers, would handle much of their system installation work in-house.

However, company in-house maintenance/installation teams are getting fewer and smaller, particularly as retirements come along, leading to a gradual decline in a valuable pool of experience. Although apprenticeship schemes are ever increasing, it’s the loss of years of experience which hurts our industry the most and will for some years to come, until that new generation become experienced.

We have seen this cycle accelerating – particularly over the past 4-5 years –  so the value of finding and working with a knowledgeable and adaptable external installation partner grows. 

With companies increasingly relying on contractors to carry out installation work, it is crucial that contractor staff can work closely with in-house safety teams.

It is essential that contractors follow client safety policies, procedures and site rules to carry out the planned installation. 

Even though specialists, such as Denca, carry out much installation work, ultimate responsibility for safety remains with the site owners.

Confidence that the subcontractor operates a robust health and safety regime is key!      

The Denca Approach

Denca’s approach to efficient and effective installation projects is second to none and in many cases, the wider project experience that we have in-house means we can offer a unique service to our customers.

If you are looking for installation based on flexible, innovative approach driven by a focus on safely delivering an efficient, effective installation on your site, give us a call. 

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